Trilobal Polyester


Trilobal polyester embroidery thread made from trilobal bright high tenacity polyester filament yarn. Recent advances in fiber technology have resulted in a new type of polyester thread. However with the development of Trilobal polyester rayon thread may become a thread of the past. Trilobal polyster creates excellent light reflection, resulting in high sheen. Also is it highly durable, soft, and bright.


  • - Brightness. High sheen for attractive quilting and embroidery designs
  • - Strength
  • - higher machine speeds
  • - which means fewer thread breaks. Polyester can be used at Colorfastness
  • - Durable to cleaning and laundering. More resistant to UV exposure
  • - Controlled elongation
  • - Excellent wet strength. Does not weaken in washings
  • -Abrasion resistant. Higher abrasion means it does not wear out as fast
  • -More stitch volume
  • -More resistant to chemical damage. Ideal for industrial work-wear garments


The deniers which are readily available with us round the year are:

Deniers Ply Form
300 2/3 Tube/cone

TPM :- Twist per Meter depending upon buyers requirement.


It can be used for Hand embroidering, Machine embroidering, Fabrics like suitings , crepe etc. Apparels like blouses,jackets, saris, dresses shirts, shorts, coats, jackets, and other outer wear etc. Domestic Textiles like curtains,upholstery,bedsheets ,tablecloths etc.


Above deniers are available in both tube & cone form.
The net weight of thread depends upon the requirement of buyers.

  • - Standard net weight of cheese Cone : 1 kg
  • - net weight of Y Cone : 800 mt/ yard to 4000 mt/ yard
  • - Standard net weight of Tube : 80gms

Note: We are sewing thread producers, we can develop any other reference makeup or color as per your requirement.

We are sewing thread producers, we can develop any other reference makeup or color as per your requirement

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